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Whose chair?

Quick. whose chair is this?  Points if you post the correct answer in the comments!

Go, Rudolph, Go!

Heads up kids, he’s a-comin’ your way!

Pin the Bling on the Ring!

A game we invented for Emily’s birthstone-themed eighth birthday party!  I freehanded (ha!) the drawing onto 28″ x 22″ poster board, which was a bit of a struggle until I decided to stop using my own meaty man-hands as visual reference.

New portfolio site

I finally got around to creating a portfolio site.  It’s still quite plain, so I plan to spice it up a bit.  I’ll also be refining my portfolio on an ongoing basis. http://www.charleseubanks.com  


Inktober is coming!  So I figured I’d better brush up (ha!) on my inking skillz.  These were drawn with light blue Col-Erase pencil, then inked with a brush.


Yay, promotional yummies!  For a limited time, leave me a comment below and I’ll send you one absolutely free!


The lack of posts lately is because I’ve been scrambling to update my portfolio the past few weeks.  This is Claire, whom you may remember as “Girl Holding Frog.”  Her look has changed a bit, and this is my first crack at a color/media test.  The basic procedure here was Conté on watercolor paper, a […]

I’m on Twitter now

@frameadvance Check me out, gettin’ all network-y. (Edit: now with hyperlinkage)

Girl Holding Frog

A character design for a book idea I’ve been kicking around.  Conté pencil on newsprint.

Pin The Tail on the Doggie

A game I made for my daughter’s birthday party.  Drawn directly onto 22″ x 28″ poster board.  (The red dotted line indicates where the tail is supposed to go.)