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Ow! A True Story

Ostrich Love

A gift for my lovely wife on her birthday!

Chicken Little BONK!

…and the rest was history.  Poor, misguided Chicken Little!

Baby Rex, Seated

The good news is, I’ve been busy lately with actual paid work.  The bad news is, I’ve been neglecting my blog.  So here you go, blog.  Have a baby dinosaur.

Monster Doodle

Been playing with Corel Painter 11 lately.  This was done entirely with the built-in 2B pencil, trying to stay fast and loose and avoid getting too precious.


Ah yes, it’s that time of year again.  The clouds are fluffy, the sun is shining, and the local rodentia are coveting the fruits of my meager gardening efforts.

Photoshop CS6 Pencil Test

Playing around with the new pencil brush in the CS6 beta.  I like the randomness and natural feel, but I think I’m not sold on the whole “erodible tip” concept.

Warm-Up: Skin Tone

I really admire artists like Jonny Duddle who successfully blend a cartoony style with realistic colors and dimensionality.  Here’s a one-hour warm-up I did this morning.  My focus was on achieving pleasing skin tones.  I didn’t bother to render out the hair, eyes, or shirt (obviously!).  Those blobs to the left are the color pallette […]

2012 Resolution

Oh yeah, hey… so it’s 2012, huh? So I got this awesome little 7″ x 5″ watercolor sketchbook with a giant spiral binding, perfect for clipping my pencil and eraser to.  My resolution this year is to carry this thing around with me and sketch on the go.  It’s rare that I’m able to carve […]


I did this sketch of a Humpty Dumpty doll at the Cannon Art Gallery in Carlsbad.  He was perched precariously on a high wall, of course.