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Jogging all the way!

How does Santa fit down all those chimneys?  Hard work and perseverance!

Go, Rudolph, Go!

Heads up kids, he’s a-comin’ your way!

Snowboarding Snowman


The Lightsaber in the Stone

A little ditty I did for Anthdrawlogy, in honor of the not-so-recent-anymore news about Disney/Lucasfilm. In other news, I’m headed to CTN-X this weekend!  First time for me.  Perhaps you’ll see me wandering the floor, eyes like saucers and mouth agape.  If so, wave your hand in front of my face and say hello!

Pumpkin duo

They may look menacing, but don’t worry; they don’t really bite.

MY horsie!

This week’s Anthdrawlogy theme is horses, per Emily’s request! In other news, I’m really bummed not to be doing INKtober again this year!  This would have been my third year in a row.  (Here are my 2010 and 2011 inks.)  I’m so glad though to see that Jake Parker is keeping up his tradition!  You […]

Chicken Little BONK!

…and the rest was history.  Poor, misguided Chicken Little!

The mightiest archer of them all

This week’s Anthdrawlogy topic is “archery.”  So I drew my favorite little archer.

Driving on Mars!

(Cross post from Anthdrawlogy)  Looks like the Sojourner rover is still getting some use! My family and I had a great time watching the Curiosity landing last night.  All those happy faces in the control room… man, what an accomplishment!  And with Opportunity still in service, we have had over eight years of continuous driving […]

Pencil Dragon

Pencil Dragon.  You know, like a pen dragon.  Except less Arthurian.