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Archives for January, 2012


What’s better than singing in the tub?  Singing in the tub with your dog, of course! Cross-post from Anthdrawlogy.

Seussian Lincoln

This week’s Anthdrawlogy theme was “hats.” I’ve never tried inking in Seuss’s style before.  He had such amazing line work!

Teacup Elf

Where’s an elf to hide when kids are lurking?  Cross-post from Anthdrawlogy.

2012 Resolution

Oh yeah, hey… so it’s 2012, huh? So I got this awesome little 7″ x 5″ watercolor sketchbook with a giant spiral binding, perfect for clipping my pencil and eraser to.  My resolution this year is to carry this thing around with me and sketch on the go.  It’s rare that I’m able to carve […]

Tomie dePaola 2012 – Process part 3

(Side note: although there has been no official statement to this effect, it appears that the announcement of the winner has been pushed back by one week.  The date on the main Tomie dePaola Award page silently changed from January 2 to January 9 this morning, but the text on the guidelines page still reads […]

Tomie dePaola 2012 – Process part 2

(Continued from part 1) The next step in my process was pretty simple: sketch, sketch, sketch. Before I could nail down the final composition, I needed to clarify my character designs.  Although I wanted my final look to be cartoonish, I did quite a bit of research to study actual bird anatomy.  I’m a strong […]