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Archives for April, 2011

Now with more dimensionality!

Stephen Gilpin has been posting some really cool instructional videos on his blog.  Yesterday he answered some of my questions about adding dimensionality to your drawings (and gave me a really kind shout-out in the process!).  Here’s my attempt to put his teachings into practice.  I think I went slightly astray in his proportions, and […]

The Three Little Brachiosaurs

I’m taking a class on illustrating children’s books.  Our first assignment was to create a 20-page book dummy for The Three Little Pigs — but instead of pigs and a wolf, we each substituted different creatures of our own choosing.  Here’s my 20-page rough: The Three Little Brachiosaurs (Flickr) Or, if you’d prefer, you can […]

Girl Holding Frog

A character design for a book idea I’ve been kicking around.  Conté pencil on newsprint.

Pin The Tail on the Doggie

A game I made for my daughter’s birthday party.  Drawn directly onto 22″ x 28″ poster board.  (The red dotted line indicates where the tail is supposed to go.)


Drawn from memory/imagination, with a generous helping of artistic license.  Happy birthday, kiddo!

Tennis Fiends

I was recently tapped to design a logo for a new company called Tennis Fiends.  The business is geared toward people who are incredibly passionate about tennis, and the owners wanted a graphic that conveyed a quiet energy that’s almost primal in nature.  Below are some of the concepts I came up with: And here’s […]