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Archives for March, 2011

Color Dog!

I’m very excited to announce that Color Dog is now available for iPad via the iTunes store!  Color Dog is a fun color matching game for kids.  The user drags each dog onto its matching color silhouette, and is rewarded with animations and sound effects.  In addition, there are hidden surprises in each level. I […]

Reminder To Self

When I sit down to draw, the first stuff that comes out is always crappy.  For the longest time, I thought it was just me.  But even now that I know that most artists need to warm up when they sit down to draw, often the initial stuff I put down is so fugly that […]

Dave Bowman

Another value study.

Glen Hansard value study

Yay, another value study.  I picked this picture because a) I like his music, and b) I wanted to challenge myself to capture his likeness and expression.  I don’t feel like I was entirely successful, but just pushing past the “argh, this looks terrible!” stage is a worthwhile exercise in itself.

Data, seated

A value study from one of my favorite TNG episodes. I found this scene to be particularly poignant.  One of those character-defining moments, perhaps even a metaphor for significant events in my own past. Side note: value studies are a beast!  Definitely something I need to practice more.