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Archives for 2011

Tomie dePaola 2012 – Process part 1

(Continued from my previous post.) This is my first page of thumbnails I created.  I began by transcribing the text by hand.  This may seem tedious and unnecessary, but I find that it helps me to absorb the story moments more fully. From there, I zeroed in on the moment I wanted to capture — […]

Tomie dePaola Award Entry

This is my entry for the 2012 SCBWI Tomie dePaola Award, which I’ve been working on during the past month. The challenge was to illustrate the following text: So they went along and went along until they met Turkey Lurkey “Good morning, Goosey Loosey, Ducky Daddles, Cocky Locky, Henny Penny, and Chicken Licken,” said Turkey […]


Cross-post from Anthdrawlogy.  This week’s theme was “Zoo.”


I did this sketch of a Humpty Dumpty doll at the Cannon Art Gallery in Carlsbad.  He was perched precariously on a high wall, of course.

Happy Huggy Unicycle Bot

Who needs a hug? Target acquired…  Initiating affection subroutine…

INKtober 2011 Day 31

Postmortem.  Get it?  A fence post?  Zombie?  Post… aw, never mind. This marks the end of INKtober.  I want to extend a special thank-you to Jake Parker for the inspiration and encouragement, as well as everyone else out there who has given me a pat on the back (metaphorical or otherwise). As this is a […]

INKtober 2011 Day 30

Eratosthenes was an amazing Greek scholar/librarian who invented the discipline of geography.  He was the first person to measure the circumference of the earth, and the tilt of the earth’s axis. …Not to be confused with Hairatosthenes, his crazy half-cousin, who was famous for his unkempt hair.

INKtober 2011 Day 29

Today’s entry is an experiment in tools.  Inspired by David Slonim’s illustrations in Emily and Albert, I used a bamboo stick instead of a brush, and went straight to paper with no preliminary pencil or planning.

INKtober 2011 Day 28

Brachio love.

INKtober 2011 Day 27