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Archives for 2010

White Elephant

Here’s a quickie I painted as a tag for our white elephant gift exchange.  Photographed by the light of the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Zombie for Andy

I can’t say that I’m a fan of the whole zombie genre, but Andy really wanted me to draw one.  He’s into that sort of stuff lately.  So here’s my best effort at various stages.

Inktober Day 31

Well here we are, at the end of the Inktober Express!  I’d like to thank everyone who’s joined me on this crazy ride.  A special shout-out to Jake Parker, who started this whole thing last year, and generously encouraged others to participate this year.  I urge you to check out his work.  It’s mind-blowing. I’m […]

Inktober Day 30

My son, Andy.  He loves to draw, especially when he experiences something new that he wants to share with us.  Last night, he went to his very first haunted house at his school, and he could not wait to come home and draw pictures of all the creepy, freaky stuff he saw.  He has an […]

Inktober Day 29

Is there anything cuter than babies?!?  I mean, come on! Today’s Inktober inspiration:  Preston Blair.  I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to his animation instruction books at an early age (thanks, Mom and Dad!), and as far as I can recall, it was my first peek at the process of animation.  I was […]

Inktober Day 28

Ugh, not my best work… ended up inking over one of my rough sketches on sub-grade paper.  As they like to say on reality TV, “It is what it is.” Today’s Inktober inspiration:  Disney’s The Sword In The Stone.  I honestly don’t think this film gets the acclaim it deserves.  I love the story, art […]

Inktober Day 27

Sometimes good nutrition feels like a battle against nature. Today’s Inktober inspiration: The Vilppu Drawing Manual.  I’m far from mastering Glenn Vilppu’s method of drawing, but I do use his “spherical forms” technique nearly every time I draw.  I often start off a drawing without any particular subject in mind, and just feel out interesting […]

Inktober Day 26

Today’s Inktober inspiration: Bill Watterson.  I couldn’t possibly let the month of Inktober end without acknowledging his incredible influence on me personally, as well as on the entire comics industry.  I’m almost embarrassed to mention his name alongside my own meager penmanship. Many lament Watterson’s abrupt departure from the industry.  I have mixed feelings on […]

Inktober Day 25

Today’s Inktober inspiration: David Colman.  His book The Art of Animal Character Design is filled with great information, my favorite being what he calls “memory sketching.”  The idea is, you draw from reference as often as possible, and later, strengthen your skills by drawing the same subjects from memory. Today’s composition was 1/3 memory sketch […]

Inktober Day 24

Today’s Inktober inspiration: Mike Lester, especially his books When Charlie McButton Lost Power and A Is For Salad.  I normally find alphabet books tedious to read, but A Is For Salad is lots of fun.