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Archives for 2007

11 Second Club results for November

Well, I didn’t win the 11 Second Club November competition — not by a long shot! In fact, I was exactly in the middle of the pack, ranked 47 out of 95 entries. But that’s really beside the point! The main reason I entered was to get some practice animating a scene, and to get […]

11 Second Club

So I decided to join the 11 Second Club this month! For those who have never heard of the 11 Second Club, it’s a really cool web site that hosts a monthly character animation competition. Anyone can enter, and contestants are all given the same audio clip to animate to. It’s an insanely complex challenge […]

New Blog Home

I finally moved my blog over to my own domain and host — yay! I wish there was a way to mirror it on frameadvance.blogspot.com. Maybe there is, who knows. I also wish there was a way to use the Blogger Layouts customization for blogs that are hosted on non-Blog*Spot servers. And I wish I […]

Cube Jump Tutorial

Another animation tutorial… For this one, the assignment was to animate a cube jumping from one platform to another, showing anticipation and squash/stretch. My cube is a SubD model, and I created clusters out of the top, middle, and bottom verts so I could easily scale and rotate them together. I’d say my biggest challenge […]

Bouncing Ball Tutorial

Much like Hello World is the classic introductory lesson for programmers, the bouncing ball tutorial is the standard exercise for animators. Inspired by my trip to Pixar, I decided to dive back into animation as a hobby — and what better place to start? A friend of mine at work told me about the version […]

Getting the Hang of Blogger

Okay, I’ve managed to tweak the look of my new Blogger blog to somewhat match the look of my web site, and I also copied a few of my old posts over to this new blog. I discovered by accident that you can add new color and font variables to the template, which makes it […]

Hello World!

I’ve decided to give Blogger a try. I really wanted to FTP my files to my ISP so they can live in harmony with my existing web page (www.FrameAdvance.com), but I couldn’t get that to work. *sigh* So my first blog entry is about blogging — lame! I’ll try to write about more interesting stuff […]

Pixar Trip!

Last week, my wife and I went on an amazing road trip to Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA, for an advance screening of their latest film, Ratatouille. For me, this was the adventure of a lifetime! I’ve been a huge Pixar fan ever since Mike Bailey, my Scientific Visualization professor showed me and my […]